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Hi everyone, Abby from Peak here! We want to do things a little different on the website – hence why I am writing this little blog entry! 

As many of you may know, we have set up a new page on both Instagram and Facebook called ‘Peak Communities’ which we are going to use as a community platform to connect to other local businesses, causes and charities.  


We originally thought to do this so we could keep our mortgage page separate to all our sponsorship and donations content, but since the aspect of community spirit is extremely important during this global pandemic, we also wanted to work very closely with other businesses in Belper and its surrounding areas too.  

Working together with other local businesses will not only help them (and us) get more reach and exposure via social media (which is amazing), but will help the people of Belper feel united and therefore will want to work with a company who helps other companies in the town, like us.  

This new page, we hope, is going to be fun and lively, with our first project being ‘Belper’s Superstars’ (but, with a different name; that sounds SO cringey). This is where, as a business, we recognise other local businesses which are doing fab in the town, based on their social media existence, their presence in the town, and most importantly, their fantastic Google Reviews.  

We have chosen a few already, but we would love for suggestions on who else we could look at. 

Our local community

As a company, we are very big on helping our local community (if you hadn’t guessed that already!). Last year our chosen charity was Lauren’s Legacy, a wonderful local cause who help young people going through cancer treatments achieve their dreams, and we donated a wonderful £3970 to them previously. Therefore, because we love the work they do, we decided once again that we would love to support them and the young adults they help in this new year, so we have made them our 2021 charity, again.  

As well as Lauren’s Legacy, we have also donated money to various sporting clubs and other causes, including Belper Rugby Club and the Food & Community Hub.  

Peak is always there for its town and will help in any way we possibly can, but hopefully soon we can get other businesses on board with our vision, and we can support each other through this pandemic, and after. 

Want to follow our new page?

Find Peak Communities at @Peakcomms on Facebook and @peakcomms on Instagram 🙂