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Lauren’s Legacy

Lauren’s Legacy is a charity formed in 2014 in honour of Lauren, an extraordinary daughter, sister, godmother and young lady. Lauren was diagnosed with a treatable, but not curable Sarcoma in September 2014. This started a five-year battle with this dreadful disease, during which Lauren never complained or let it get her down. Instead she took her family and friends on a wild roller coaster of a ride for the next 5 years, until Lauren sadly passed away on June 26th 2019.

Intent to carry on Lauren’s memory and her desire to help others, family and friends have formed Lauren’s Legacy. A charity formed to directly help teenagers and young adults going through cancer treatments by granting wishes. This may involve a family holiday, concert tickets to see their favourite band, sports events or a simple iPad. All monies raised go directly towards the teenagers and their families. There are no wages, employees or admin costs associated with Lauren’s Legacy.

We’ve been lucky to be  able to donate money to charities to help the local community and Lauren’s Legacy is a foundation close to our heart. Especially as a business that discusses protecting in the event of serious illnesses on a daily basis.

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