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January Recap

Well, what a month it has been! We went into lockdown…again, but we managed to secure our second office (next door) and we’ve hired more staff!  

Don’t get me wrong, the break over Christmas was lovely (I think I had six days) but having to work from home more than going into the office throughout January since the lockdown, is pants. Even though this meant some of us couldn’t be together, which is obviously not nice, this certainly hasn’t stopped the advisers and admins from getting completions which is SO good. It’s like a global pandemic can’t ever stop us from giving the 5-star service we are known for and if I must say so myself, that’s fab. 

New office

The new office is also amazing. It’s situated next door so it’s in very short walking distance (along the corridor), and the plan is to have six offices in there set up for interviews and appointments. These however won’t be boring offices, these are going to be wacky and rather ‘out there’ offices as of course, we like to do things slightly differently around here. The advisers will be based in there which means the admins and I, oh, and Rhys of course, will be in the usual office which our clients, and social media, is used to seeing.  

Oh, apparently Rhys wants to turn one of these new offices into a pub in the future? That would make Friday finishes VERY interesting. 

Hiring more staff

We are also expanding the Peak team as we speak and bringing in some fabulous people who live and breathe mortgages (obviously joking, but they’re VERY good at their jobs) which will increase the team to 13. Not including the Peak pets, of course.  

The community & Peak

In January we also chose to support Lauren’s Legacy for the year again since we LOVE their work and last year, we raised a whopping £3970 for the amazing cause.  

We also have new ideas for the social media which includes a very funny video which should be coming out soon (yay my bit) and exciting plans for the Summer, if we are allowed out, that is.  

So yes, January was a pretty good month for Peak so let’s hope February is just as good and fingers crossed, we can all be together soon.